Broaster Chicken

What is Broaster Chicken? The simple answer – fresh, never frozen chicken that is marinated in a special blend of Broaster marinate, floured in a Broaster flour blend and pressure cooked in a Broaster pressure fryer. All these steps add up to the iconic Genuine Broaster Chicken.

Broaster Pressure Fryers use a sealed, pressurized environment, like a pressure cooker. This pressure seals in the foods’ natural juices and locks out cooking oil. Our Broaster Chicken ends up being tender, juicy and flavorful. You can see, feel and taste a very distinct difference in comparison to open-fried foods, which are often greasy on out outside and dry on the inside.

One other benefit of Broaster Chicken – it cooks fast! This allows us to cook all of our chicken to order and can be in your hands in about 15 minutes. We sell “Chicken Only” by the piece or as a meal which includes potato wedges, rolls and your choice of baked beans or coleslaw. Call ahead to order or order at the window and enjoy dessert first while you wait for your delicious Broaster Chicken.

Party Packages are available for large Broaster Chicken orders. Perfect for family reunions, graduation parties and summer BBQs. Broaster Chicken is only $1.39 per piece for Party Packages of over 30 pieces. Orders must be placed in advanced. Please call 616.647.5652 for more details.

Be sure to check out our menu for more food such as hot dogs, fries, wing dings and more!

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